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Moving boxes to Rent in Skipton

Rent your moving Boxes for moving in Skipton, That's right HIRE your moving boxes, from less than 25p a day. Why buy your moving boxes only to use them once and then throw them away or at the very best recycle them (where they are processed, pulped and eventually back into moving boxes. New to Skipton you just choose how many Croc-boxes® you require, choose how many weeks you like them for and we will then arrange to deliver then direct to your door. Easy to pack and unpack the croc box is a great way to move house.
With 2 hour slots within the Skipton area, you can start packing straight away. We do need someone to sign for the rental / Hire of the croc-boxes® (plastic moving crates with built in lid). We will contact you when collection is due and arrange a time to collect, if you would like to keep them longer no problem! We will just take another weeks hire form your card. Please note: If you are out when we arrive to collect at the pre arranged time, we will charge another weeks rental plus another collection fee.

Things you should know

Buying Vs Renting Boxes?

We have managed to make renting your moving boxes cheaper than buying them Skipton and of course they are delivered and collected, removed out of your way once you finished renovating or moved in to your new property.

Can I get more packing material?

When you choose your CrocBox® package, you are directed to a shopping basket page where you can add any number of additional items from our extensive range of packaging materials designed for moving house. These will all be delivered together with your CrocBox® package or rental moving boxes. We can supply bubble wrap, boxes for pictures and mirrors, boxes for LCD and Plasma TVs from 36", 38", 40", 42", 46", 48" and 50" TVs, even boxes for golf bags. Wardrobe boxes are very useful when moving home as they are very quick and easy to use.
We can save you spending time looking up and down Skipton for boxes, have all the packing materials you need for a safe Skipton removal delivered to your door.
Call us and we will talk you through the items you may need, we are here to make your move easier.

I have some specific requirments

At croc-box® we are flexible. Give us a call and we may be able to deliver/collect out of the area. Supply more boxes etc.

Are they only for Skipton home moves?

NO, not at all. We have also packs for Skipton office moves and Skipton commercial relocations. These do not include the FREE cardboard storage boxes but do include trolleys, skates and security sealing tags.

Have I seen these in office moves?

Sort of, the plastic crates used on office moves are larger and can be difficult to get through standard doorways and stairs. A CrocBox® is narrower allowing the carrier to pick up the CrocBox® with the handles on both sides an still walk up or down stairs and through doorways in a domestic environment.

Moving boxes to rent

Simply choose how many boxes you require and the date you would like them delivered. We will contact you to arrange a delivery time with you. We will need someone to sign for the boxes. Before collection is due we will contact you and arrange a time to collect, if you would like to keep them longer no problem!