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Frequently asked questions about renting/hiring CrocBoxes®?

Q: How big is a CrocBox®?

Croc-Boxenlarged view of  Croc-BoxEach CrocBox® holds 54 Litres and designed to fit through doorways and stairs. A folding attached lid can be sealed with anti tamper seals, they stack easily on top of each other. When empty they stack inside each other taking very little space.
External measurements: 600mm x 400mm x 320mm
Internal measurements: 508mm x 355mm x 285mm
Each CrocBox® is about the size of two supermarket delivery crates.

Q: How do I pay?

We accept most major credit and debit cards including MasterCard, Visa, Maestro/Switch, Solo, Delta and Visa Electron. We use a company called Sagepay to process the payment details. You can visit them at

Q: I need other packing materials, do you supply these as well?

When you book your CrocBoxes® you are directed to the shopping basket page where you can add any number of additional items from our extensive range of packaging materials that will be delivered with your CrocBoxes®.

Q: Why should I use CrocBoxes®?
3 Top reasons

1. They save you time
So easy to use just open the lid put your items inside and close the lid adding seals if required. With cardboard moving boxes, you have open up the box and then tape up the bottom of the box. Placing items inside the box also requires more protection(bubble wrap/paper) because the sides of the box are not as strong. And then you have to tape the top of the box shut.
2. They Save you Money
Why buy when you can rent? Our CrocBoxes work out to be cheaper than buying cardboard boxes and its not as though you want lots of cardboard boxes. You can rent your boxes for as long as you want from a minimum of 1 week. We realise that you may want to store items but to save you money we include some cardboard boxes with each order for this purpose.
3. They save the environment
Using CrocBoxes saves trees that are used to produce cardboard and water, electricity and transport costs of recycling old cardboard. A quality cardboard moving box will last 3 or 4 moves before it starts to weaken. A CrocBox® will last hundreds of moves before it is ground down to be made into new CrocBoxes.

Q: I need to store some items?

We realise that when you move home it just not possible to empty all your boxes and you may need to store items. We supply general moving cardboard boxes FREE with each CrocBox® rental pack. These are for you to keep so pack these with items to store, for the loft or garage. Alternatively you can add non returnable additional items when you place your order which will be available when you checkout.

Q: Do you rent to domestic as well as business users?

Yes we can offer both.

Q: What areas do you cover?

At the moment we only cover the North of England as all delivers will be done by ourselves. This means you can book a day and we will call you a couple of hours before delivery. Renting boxes is available in Harrogate, York, Skipton, Otley, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Ripon, Leeds, Bradford, Halifax, Keighley, Batley, Blackpool, Blackburn, Clitheroe, Bolton, Preston, Chorley

Q: Will I receive a phone call from CrocBox® prior to my delivery?

Yes we will call you to confirm delivery details. When you first place your order, you will receive a confirmation email and then a call to confirm delivery. We will also call you the day before collection to check details and confirm times etc.

Q: I need the CrocBox® for longer than thought, is this a problem?

No problem, just call us or email us and we extend this for you and advise of the additional charge per week.

Q: How are my CrocBoxes® delivered?

All our Croc-Boxes® are currently delivered and collected by ourselves. They stack neatly inside each other so do not take up much room. We are working on delivering CrocBoxes®

Q: I am moving outside your catchment area, can I still rent from you?

Unfortunately we currently can only collect from areas within our catchment area.

Q: Do I need to be in when you collect / deliver?

YES! We would need a signature of someone over the age of 18 when we deliver and collect the croc boxes. The number of boxes will be counted in front of the customer and must be signed for. The same will be done on collection. If there are any boxes missing from your order then our representative will have you sign the missing report document and the box amount under our terms and conditions will be deducted from your card.

Q: Are the CrocBoxes cleaned?

YES! All returned CrocBoxes are cleaned thoroughly and checked for damage before they are rented out again.

Q: Is CrocBox® a removal or storage company?

NO! We do not offer a transportation service but a full list of removal and self storage companies can be found on our sister website: - A Moving House website

Q: Why CrocBox?

We thought it was snappy, what do you think??