Re-useable Rental Moving Boxes to Hire

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Why Rent CrocBoxes®?

So easy to Use
CrocBoxes® are quick to fill, easy to store and carry, even through doorways and staircases.

Strong and durable
All our CrocBoxes® are manufactured in the UK from recycled moving crates and can be used over 400 times.

Stack and nest
When empty CrocBoxes® nest inside each other taking up very little space, once filled they can be stacked neatly on top of each other.

Perfect size
Using our experience and research we offer a 54L CrocBox® that can be lifted and carried easily, and moved in a Home or Office environment easily. One CrocBox® is approximately the size of two supermarket delivery crates.

Cheaper Boxes
Much cheaper than buying cardboard boxes, renting your boxes you can have them delivered to your door and collected when you have finished with them. This saves you time and fuel when sourcing boxes and disposing of them.

No more cardboard on the landfills or recycled back into boxes, wasting energy and water in the process.

No More Tape
All CrocBoxes® are ready built so you can fill them straight away. No more fiddling with tape and building up boxes before you can start.

Bottoms won't fall out
Made from strong plastic, the bottom cannot fall out and items inside are better protected than with cardboard boxes.